Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sho Cho's

Sho Cho’s Dubai Marine Beach Resort
Reservations: +971 4 3461111
Web: http://www.dxbmarine.com

Sho Cho’s is a Japanese restaurant masquerading as a trendy nightspot, or possibly the other way round, but either way it does serve food.

It’s a hang-out for the hip. Being more hippy than hip I was a bit perturbed to learn that I was invited to dine there with a group of friends and family. I do however have a weak spot for Maki rolls, so I graciously accepted.

We sat outdoors on the terrace and the weather was perfect for it. The bar was modern and slick and lit blue, an eerie ambience strongly evoking memories of intensive care units. This is, of course, a touch subjective. We were surrounded by the cool and the young bopping to some club music. I was pleasantly surprised therefore to be offered a rather sophisticated and extensive menu.

We started with some salted edamame beans which were the best I’ve had. Drink selections round the table included Mango Margarita which was a tropical holiday in a glass and Berry Mojito – so packed with berries that it was practically virtuous.

Appetisers were selected. The prawn tempura was crisp and light and everything tempura should be. The Maki rolls disappeared in delicious fishy mouthfuls. Soon enough we were tapping our feet to the club beats.

My main of beef teriyaki was impressive. The beef was so soft it practically chewed itself. The flavour was subtle and perfectly balanced. One of our group ordered the shrimp and lobster with spicy lemon dressing. The name did not do it justice. The lemon was not overpowering and the chilli was a warm heat not a searing burn. The lobster was plentiful and the shrimp succulent. The young lady who had ordered the asparagus salad looked on enviously.

The music eventually became somewhat tedious and our foot-tapping gave way to a constant thumping in our heads. Our waitress smiled vacantly the whole night like a child that had been accidently dropped on its head. The food however was faultless. I am going back, but next time I’ll be armed with earplugs.

On the pocket side of things, not exactly bargain basement with mains coming in at around the Dhs95 mark, but hardly break the bank stuff either - middling, then...

This review courtesy Fat Expat Guest Contributor Shereen Habib.

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Sarah Walton said...

Yes, food is great at Sho chos. But last time we went, they wouldn't let my husband eat at the bar because he was wearing open-toe shoes (fancy ones, we're not talking flip-flops) we had lots of fun refusing to move until the sour door bitch finally got the manager, who apologized for not telling us the dress policy on the phone.
But I'd question the "hip" tag. I think they are not quite so cool as they think they are (although they are probably cooler than my husband). Some of the trash walking in there after 10pm would be kicked out of a New York alley for creating public offence.