Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yes, The Fat Expat is a whole year old this week!

Simon and I started out on this mad little project precisely a year ago. And now here we are, hundreds of recipes and tens of reviews later, still posting away. We must be potty.

Anyway, we're off to The Cigar Bar at The Fairmont Dubai tomorrow night at 7.30 to celebrate and you are more than welcome to join us and share foodie gossip and other idiotic ramblings. If you decide to come, please try and bring the other reader with you.

We thank you and look forward to another year of thankless, obsessive toil over the blog that likes to say 'Please, sir, can we have some more?'


Les Gros Expats



DXBluey said...

Happy Birthday Chaps!

Keep up the good work, loving all the receipes...

I'd like to through a brithday challenge if possible, maybe one for Alexander... I recently went to Yemen and fell in love with the so called national dish called Salta. I can't find a decent receipe for this... any ideas?


Your fan,


halfmanhalfbeer said...

DXBluey, why don't you come along tomorrow night and buy Alexander a pint, he might give you the recipe then!


Keefieboy said...

The other other reader regrets no cheap flights to Dubai tomorrow. Enjoy!

alexander... said...

Bluey - can I suggest a Google? Alternatively, I found this, which might help. Have never cooked it myself though!!!

Damn! Just realised I should have held out for a beer!!!

nzm said...

Happy Birthday to The Fat Expat - and thanks to HMHB and Alexander for all your work in maintaining the blog and keeping us all fat with your yummy recipes, and kudos to all the guest bloggers who chip in. Long may it continue!

The other, other reader regrets that she's unable to attend due to being stuck in Berlin. But we'll raise a Warsteiner in your honour tonight!

{BTW Alexander - does HMHB realise that you've outed him in this post? ;-) }

halfmanhalfbeer said...

Oh noes, my mild mannered alter ego has been revealed!

NZM: it was never really a secret, there are plenty of pics of me on the other blog for anyone who knows me to work it out. And then there have been all the radio shows, the TV appearances, the book signings, the modelling....

HMHB (for it is he)

Mars said...

happy birthday folks!!! may this blog continue to celebrate many more bdays.... :)

nzm said...

HMHB: you forgot about the reality TV show!

Elysia said...

Wish I could make it. This Abu Dhabi reader sends her congrads on one year of gorging!

Will said...

Many happy returns gents - keep up the great work!

I will remain a reader and want to tell you that youve made timeoutdubai.com's list of the 100 websites we couldn'tlive without. (Which will be online mid October).

halfmanhalfbeer said...

WOW, what a night! Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating our birthday!

Alexander, I've been thinking, in retrospect it probably wasn't such a good to idea to do youknowwhat, though I think the police were very heavy handed in their response. I mean your outfit wasn't that obscene.

And I suppose it didn't help when all the sprinklers went off setting off the riot police tear gas canisters.

The hotel called this morning and said that it will take about a month to reinstate the bar and fix all the damage which is surprising, I thought it would take much longer.

Anyhow, must away, need to catch visiting time at the hospital. Hope Mrs Alexander liked the new tattoo across your back.


alexander... said...

Hotels in Dubai are getting pretty slick repairing damage these days aren't they? Atlantis was such an inspiration!

Tattoo causing some friction, I must admit. But I think it was wrong of you to mislead those young ladies and tell them you were a major Hollywood talent spotter.

Hope Mrs HMHB likes 'it' bald...


nzm said...

So when are you two going to do the food meme?

It should take your minds off the tattoos and baldness for a couple of hours!


samuraisam said...


Been meaning to try my hand at cooking a recipe from this site for a while and a half.

sea life said...

Happy Birthday!
Waiting for some romanian receipes........... :)