Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Taste of Dubai

A four day foodie's love-in kicks off at Dubai Media City tonight, called A Taste of Dubai 2008. Running from 7-10pm tonight and tomorrow and then with afternoon and evening sessions on Friday and Saturday, the event features celebrity guests (including, for some reason, Gary Rhodes) doing demos and tutorials and a number of 'Gastro Features' as well as food stations that feature the output of 16 Dubai restaurants and something like 65 chefs rolling out their signature dishes. There's a food market as well.

The Festival is the local version of the Taste of... events run by Channel 4 TV in the UK and is backed by the company that organises those gigs - something like 130,000 people going to last years' events. This year they're doing them all around the world - the idea seems to have worked, Edward!

Tickets are available on the door at 150, 225 and 250 Dhs. If this looks like your kind of thing, then why not pop along? If you want to know more, the website link's posted above.


tony said...

I loved the BUddha Bar!!

S Lloyd said...

Thanks for the post. This is especially of high interest since I am putting money aside for a major foodie project I have been dreaming to realize for a while now: travel around the word for a multimedia documentary (photo, text and possibly video too) of the top best tables of the big gastronomic cities around the globe. I’ve just completed the very 1st step of this long march with the top best tables of Montreal (canada). Naturally, Dubai because of the big restaurants you have overthere is of high interest. My question to you: what would you consider as the top 5 or 10 best finest dining restaurants of Dubai at this moment (no matter the type of food, as long as it is upscale fine dining). Thanks a lot.

halfmanhalfbeer said...

S Lloyd, email me on halfmanhalfbeer (at) gmail dot com

In foodie terms Dubai is about hundred miles behind other gastronomic destinations and to be quite frank you would be much better off spending time in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Munich or Madrid.

However, if you are keen to come here we would be delighted to help.


S Lloyd said...

Many thanks for the offer, HMHB. Highly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I am an single working expat, so I need food cooked and served in the traditional way.. with great taste at economic price.. which by far I have not come across.
But one of my friends has told me that there is a restaurant opening up in Discovery Gardens which works on a great plan.. a Thali system.. you order for a specific meal - like breakfast/lunch/dinner.. and they will deliver you the same everyday. Its tasty, tradtional indian(the best part) and ECONOMIC as well. The name of the restaurant is Mother's Restaurant. Well am very eager for it to open. It is all easy - order on the internet and the food is deliver at the same time evryday.. its thali system so different tasty food everyday .. yum !!!

aya said...

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michael clarke said...

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