Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Mina Seyahi Hotel
Tel: 04 399 3333

I have eaten at this restaurant a number of times and actually think that it is one of the better places in Dubai. Last night was my first return since it reopened and sadly I was a bit disappointed.

The restaurant itself looks great, windows all round, views over the water, a rooftop pizzeria and a large wooden deck for some al fresco eating. It’s a great spot.

As usual it was packed but we managed to blag ourselves a table even though we had turned up on spec and the maitre d was very accommodating. The service was better than most restaurants in Dubai with the waitresses being efficient, friendly and polite.

I think the food here is pretty good but last night’s was a letdown. I started with a duck ravioli; the pasta was cooked very well, still a little al dente, but the stuffing was dry and rather tasteless. The parmesan sauce was good though and luckily there was enough of it to liven up the insipid duck.

Next up I had baby suckling pig. The skin was nice and crispy but the meat hadn’t been cooked long enough to fully render the fat underneath resulting in a slightly unpleasant greasy, squidgy consistency. The pork had also been roasted on a bed of rosemary leaves, many of which were still imprinted under the meat. Rosemary is a very strong flavoured herb so the overall and very defining taste was of the herb and not the meat. Alongside the pork was a tasteless bland green puree which despite trying and trying I am still completely clueless as to what it was. There was also an incredibly doughy potato cake which looked rather out of place.

Overall rather disappointing which is a great shame because normally this place is pretty good. I certainly will go back and try again as I think (hope) that it might have been just an off night.

Oh well.

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i*maginate said...

Not rly familiar with eateries @ the Mina Seyahi name-wise, but I was shown around all of them. Is Bussola the one which is on the far right of the hotel? I think I've been there but the ambience seems very corporate, but I rem. the service to be impeccable, as was the food.

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