Friday, November 2, 2007

The Top 5 Restaurants in Dubai

This list according to the Daily Telegraph

1. Cafe Chic, Le Meridien
2. Legends Steakhouse, Dubai Creek Golf Club
3. Palm Grill, Radisson SAS Deira
4. Splendido, Ritz Carlton
5. Al Muntaha, Burl al Arab

Now on the Fat Expat we haven't reviewed any of these restaurants but I have eaten in three of the five and so, our word to you is that we will try and revisit all five and post reviews soon.

What I would like to say though is to include Al Muntaha on any list that features the word 'best' is an utter travesty, unless 'best' is followed by 'rip off' or by 'at emptying your wallet after serving really average and ordinary food'.

Apart from that ok really.



nzm said...

I second your comments re Al Muntaha. Even the view isn't that great because it's on the wrong side of the Burj to get a decent look over Dubai.

I'd rather go to Vu in the Emirates Tower Hotel. Better view and better food!

nzm said...

BTW - J's older son calls that part of the Burj (where the Al Muntaha is) the "squashed toilet roll" because that's what it looks like from the outside! :-)

EyeOnDubai said...

Best? Most overrated perhaps...

The four or five most enjoyable meals I have eaten in Dubai have all been at Verre, where the sheer technical excellence and consistency sets it in a league apart.

Other highlights have been Napa (when Michael Goodman was in charge), St Maxim's in the Kempinski on one of their Food with Friends nights with Mathias Gfroer, brunch in any branch of Automatic, banquets in Lang Kwai Fong, tacos in Maria Bonita's, afternoon tea at Al Qasr...


halfmanhalfbeer said...

Nzm: Totally agree and I love the squashed toilet roll think, how very accurate!

EoD: I think Verre is fab, though this is a view not shared by my brother-in-arms Alexander! Napa was great but terrible atmosphere I felt. I haven't done Maxims as was put off by a friend who was so vocal in his condemnation of the place after a bad evening! Also haven't done Maria's....is that the one on Umm al Sheif street?


Alexander said...

No, not a great Verre fan, but maybe I had a couple of off nights. Thai Kitchen at the Park Hyatt my current top rave - especially when David Thompson of Nahm was cooking there a few weeks ago. And Traiteur. And Manhattan Grill at the Grand. But I'm told the Meat Company is the best grill in town. And yes, as you mention Automatic nzm, what about street food? We've all raved about Ravis for the past 20 years and more.

A daft and suspect list, to be honest. But HMHB's right - the daftest thing on it is Muntaha - which the STAFF at the Burj call 'the tortilla'...