Sunday, October 7, 2007


Day one of real blog posts and a minor celebration as we’ve been beavering away populating this wee blog space for a while now to ensure that there’s at least a smattering of useful material already here for anyone searching around for something new in the way of food.

We’ve both been writers about food in the past, as well as people who have their own blogs because we have a strange desire to share our lives, views and opinions with the world at large. As we both realised we share a passion for food, we thought it might be an idea to get together and share that passion with you.

So welcome, then, to The Fat Expat. We’ll be blogging about food, restaurants, recipes, ingredients. Anything that you can pop into the old bouche, in fact. We’ll be arguing with each other (including a planned series of ‘head to head’ recipe wars) and possibly with some of the restaurants and hotels we’ve been reviewing, too! And we’ll be bringing you a passion for food that we hope you enjoy reading and interacting with. With a little luck this project will grow with time and become smarter and more sophisticated. Then again, it might just die a death. Whatever happens, we’ve enjoyed it so far and have every intention of doing so into the future!

February 2008 Update

Well, it's been a while, but we're still Lovin' it. Although it can be interesting holding down a work and social life and still write at least a good brace of recipes/reviews every week, we're still going. But we really could do with more contributors - so if you can write, care about food and have good knowledge of it and (in an ideal world) even take photographs, we'd be madly keen to hear from you!

This was never intended to be a Dubai food blog or even an Emirates or even Middle East food blog - we'd always seen it as venturing further afield and that's why we've included reviews from Sri Lanka, Mexico, Ireland and other places. The more contributors we get from the more far-flung places, the happier we'll be!!!

In the meantime, we've kept the pace up (and, we hope, the quality) and have now collected in excess of 150 tried, tested and personally hand-crafted recipes that can be cooked in kitchens that meet the most basic expat living criteria - not for us fancy fan-assisted stainless steel marvels, oh no.

So that all adds up to a pretty big cook book - and we're intending it will continue to grow every week!!!



Dubai Sunshine said...

Great blog:) Love it!

halfmanhalfbeer said...

DXB Sunshine: thanks, and thanks for being our very first commentor. Your prize is in the post (or something!)


DXBluey said...

HMHB and Alexander - this should be interesting!

I've been a fan of HMHB's receipes for some time now.

Looking forward to some of Alexander's vented spleen... not on a plate of course.

Are you accepting contributors? I may even volunteer some reviews / mutterings if you are... It would be on a purely random basis of course...

Good luck chaps.


Alexander said...

Vented Spleen

1 Spleen
1 Vent (aluminium for preference)
Pepper and salt
Olive oil for frying

Pan fry spleen and vent, removing any excess paint flakes from the vent. Serve.

Bluey. Would you please start posting pics again? Ta!

halfmanhalfbeer said...

Bluey; ah ha there you are. Alexander and I were just talking about you last night. Fancy contributing?!


greedy girl said...

Hello, hello, I've recently stumbled across this blog,(what an utterly bizarre word)and must say it is absolutely fantastic..enormously entertaining...just fabulous recipes, brilliant...so pleased I've found it!Good luck!